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othos BD8060 Beard Shaver

Product feature

[Advanced foil technology] Othos BD8060 series men's beard shaver uses floating 3-blades system and mute high-speed motor for fast and effective shaving. The sharper blade deals with long and short unwanted hair effortlessly and smoothly, and ensure the safety of shaving even on sensitive skin without irritation. The flexible shaving heads follows every curve of your face and neck to give you an ultimate comfortable and smooth shave.

[Wet and Dry use, waterproof]: Our product can be used in both dry and wet condition. Waterproof system allows in-shower use and easy cleaning under faucet. You can take off the blade for cleaning as well. A cleaning brush is included to clean away stubborn hair particles easily. 

[Pop-Up Trimmer]: Pop-up trimmer easily trims your moustache and sideburns shaping, moustache and any facial hairstyle. Effectively shave both of beard and short stubble. Skin-friendly and fit any face style.

[Lithium-ion Battery] Lithium-ion rechargeable battery delivers more than 60 minutes cordless working time. When the appliance is power off, connecting with charging adaptor allows direct use without waiting. Electric Power Acceptable from 110 to 240 voltage

[Smart LED screen]: Intelligent LED power display clearly shows battery power in percent, charge indicator, you can control the usage time according to remaining battery life. When the beard shaver need clean, you will also be notified by LED display.

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